Summer 2009 Winemaker Notes

“Summer” in the Northwest is when you can get it. We have had incredible warm weather, and as I write this in early July, we are now back into a wet pattern. I, along with the garden, am enjoying the damp for awhile. But … we are in full summer swing, wet or not.

This very day (July 8th), we have installed another sculpture! If you look on the back of our labels you will see a line drawing of “hands lifted up”. That has now been carved in stone by our good friend and master sculptor, Maureen Wall. It has been positioned by a new water feature right by the central patio where the fire pit is.

“Camaraderie” is a sense of celebration and sharing and the hands lifted up image is just right for what it is we do and what we share here. Wine, as good and wonderful as it is, is only the vehicle and companion not the end of the journey. Folks that want to focus on just the wine are missing the meaning of the journey with friends.

That all being said, I make wine that, as a vehicle will be as fine as a Rolls, and as approachable as a Chevy. Enjoy the ride.

We bottled 3,700 cases of the 2007’s in May and will begin release of these fine wines in Autumn but mostly next Spring. If you are a part of the wine club you can look forward to some surprises coming up in packaging.

Barrels are ordered, I am now getting together my thoughts on yeasts and fermentation additions so I will be ready for harvest 2009 which is just around the corner – AAAAArrrrggghhh!

Have a great Summer. Come by. You will love the new sculpture and just maybe the new wood-fired pizza oven will be up and running!

Don Corson

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