The Winery

The Story of Our Washington Winery

Camaraderie Cellars is owned by Don and Vicki Corson who have made the Olympic Peninsula their home since 1990. Whenever we are at a wine festival we are often asked “Why Port Angeles?” Making wine in Port Angeles does seem a bit out of the ordinary since it is located on the “wet” west side of the Cascade Mountains and the grapes are from vineyards on the “dry” east side. But our answer is that although the winery is some distance from the grapes, ocean breezes from the Strait of Juan de Fuca make the Olympic Peninsula an ideal place for our Washington winery.  We invite you to judge for yourself.

Vineyard Partners of Our Washington Winery

Besides Camaraderie Cellars’ Washington winery location, its wines are distinctive for their pedigree. We are fortunate to have long-term relationships with Fred Artz at Artz Vineyards on Red Mountain, and Paul Champoux at Mercer Ranch. These vineyards are regularly mentioned as among Washington’s best, a tribute to Fred and Paul’s passion for excellence, a passion Camaraderie Cellars happens to share.