Our Award Winning Washington State Wines

We still believe the best recognition is the “word of mouth” endorsement from someone who finds themselves with a mouth of our luscious wine and instantly becomes a part of the “camaraderie.” Medals and numbers don’t convince, taste does, and we hope you will discover us for yourselves and become a part of the Camaraderie family.  That said, we have received our share of awards and recognition and invite you to learn more about our award winning Washington State wines.

Camaraderie Cellars has become known for its full bodied wines from some of Washington’s best vineyards. Our favorite comment at the winery is from visitors who say either, “I don’t usually like red wines but I really like yours,” or “I don’t usually like white wines, but I really like yours.” Both comments are welcome and gratifying for the hard work and passion we bring to the craft of wine making.

We aim to make world-class wines from world-class grapes and the only consistent way to determine whether we are making the mark is to compete on the international stage. As a result, we are big believers in wine competitions. Wine scores from publications are usually made by an individual and are indeed important reference points. We are proud to have some high scores. But, in competitions, multiple judges are tasting wines from all around the world.

Award Winning Washington State Wines from Camaradrie Cellars

We don’t submit all of our wines everywhere. Submission costs add up so we try to get examples of our current releases to some of the key judgings around the country. These include the LA County Fair, The San Francisco International, Pacific Rim International and Riverside International. These and other venues regularly accept 2-4,000 entries or more from all wine growing areas of the world. If we can earn a medal of any sort it at least means we are competitive on the world stage. That’s where we want to be.

As an example, our 2000 Merlot earned a Gold at the LA County Fair, a Silver at San Francisco, and a Bronze at Riverside, CA. Same wine, different reviewers, different results, but the consensus was that it was worthy to be in the medal round of all world entries.

Our most recent accolades came from the great state of Texas. In the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show International Wine Competition, our 2004 Cabernet Franc won Double Gold and Class Champion. The award not only included a double gold medal but a silver belt buckle as well! In that competition, the 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon won gold, the 2004 Merlot and 2005 Trinquer both won bronze. In the Dallas Morning News wine competition, the 2004 Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Grace all won gold medals. These beautiful wines are currently available but selling fast.

Other recent awards: March 2007 issue Washington CEO magazine: 2003 Merlot scored 92 points, 2003 Cabernet Franc scored 90 points, 2004 Syrah scored an excellent.

In July 2007, Camaraderie Cellars was honored with the Beautification Award of the Month from the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce. A very nice tribute to all of Don’s vision and hard work in the gardens!