Mid-Year At Camaraderie

Mid-Year At Camaraderie

The year is flying by! The first half has included marketing trips to Texas cities, winery work, construction of another 1,000 square feet of covered and insulated space, and the list could go on and on. In another two weeks we bottle the 2008 vintage wines and I am in the final stages of blending trials. The wines have never tasted so good at this stage and I am really looking forward to their release early next year.

I have worked especially hard on the marketing side of the business over the last few months. And I’m glad to report we are making solid inroads into new markets and re-invigorating some others. The Texas trip was especially exciting as our wines were very well received for their quality, the ability to complement a wide range of fare, and the fact they over deliver for the price. This seems to be a wining combination in Manhattan and Vancouver BC too.

Another highlight for the first part of the year was doing a tasting for Seattle’s prestigious Rainier Club. Organized by their wine director, Christopher Chan, the previous winemakers included such luminaries as Bob Betz, Leonetti, and Andrew Will. To be in the same breath as these legends is very complimentary to the winery and I am grateful to Christopher for the opportunity.

Still another recent event was participating in the first annual “Merlot Gone Mad” event organized by the Jamie Peha. This came out of an idea I shared with her about the fact that Washington State Merlot is the best in the world and we should have an event that showcases this versatile noble grape. Over fifty wineries participated and 300+ were in attendance.

At nearly mid-year, the garden is just coming out of its Winter-cold Spring blahs. Rose buds are forming, leaves on the Japanese maples are unfurling, and rhododendrons are coloring the landscape. And, of course the vineyards are past bud break and growing for the sky.

All of this bodes well for the rest of the year. Cold weather root growth, like the hard work in the winery that few see, is what’s needed for success during the rest of the year.

We are now into our summer hours for visits (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 11-5, or by appointment). Come see us!

Don Corson

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